Tuesday, December 21, 2021

I’m back, sort of

 Omg! Incredible! I tried to post here from my phone but it needed a password that’s on the computer. Today I finally learned how to download my documents to the phone and have access to all those passwords. And here I am, dear bloggees, struggling to write on this tiny rectangle.

I’ve missed you! It’s so automatic for me to process life here, with you, I found it hard to deny myself that pleasure. Not to mention no access to any of my documents and many other things. I am addicted to my computer, no question about it. You don’t realize how much of your life is sewn up in that little machine until suddenly it’s not there anymore.

So just to tell you I am alive and well. This new variant is wreaking havoc, things cancelled right and left, people terrified. Monique was going to cut my hair today but she appeared at the door in an enormous medical mask to say her son has just arrived from the states and she’s not allowed to see anybody for many days. It’s all terrifying and sad. I am careful but less frightened than many people I know. I just assume we are all going to get this at some point.

Luckily it snowed the other day, very beautiful, and the boys came over yesterday with Sam for tobogganing. Joyful excitement, flushed pink cheeks, rolling in the snow, just normal life for an hour or so. Last week I went to the McMichael Gallery in kleinburg with Annie, to see the exhibit uninvited: Canadian women artists in the modern moment. Superb work by women who were ignored in their time. A major exhibition, profoundly stirring. 

More to tell but I’m going to post this and see if it works, and also see if I can upload photos at some point. I feel like a teenager, clinging to my phone. How very quickly technology has addicted us all. But then if it weren’t for technology, there would be no blog and I’d be writing in my lonely diary for another year. So cheers, here’s to sharing words with the world through our machines.

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