Monday, December 13, 2021

The Chef, Succession, and a sick Mac

 WAAAAAH! Saying goodbye to you for a few days - something is wrong with my MacBook Air which is only two years old. The return key does not work and the shift keys don't either, sporadically. The tech ogre who haunts me has struck again. Have to take in this beloved machine and wait. So I won't be here for a bit. This should be a new paragraph but it isn't because no return key. So just to say I had an amazing day with my son yesterday; he was cooking a complicated squash/carrot/ginger soup in vast quantities to give as a gift to friends and family, and we were talking, the liveliest and most interesting conversation. Then we watched two episodes of The Chef, an amazingly accurate Israeli series about, yes, a chef, the life of restaurants; we had to keep pausing so Sam could tell me stories about his life in restaurants. Mon dieu, I am glad he is considering getting out and finding another business; it's a brutally hard way of life. But a terrific series.                                                                                                                                             And then - I inserted a paragraph with the space bar - after we'd eaten his delicious soup and he went home, I watched the season finale of Succession. Haven't been watching because I just don't want to spend time with disgusting rich people, but have heard so much about the superb writing and acting. And sure enough, superb it was - gripping. And there, as a key character, was my friend Harriet Walter as Logan's second wife, getting married in a sublime spot in Italy, wearing designer clothing and looking incredibly elegant, as rich as can be. She wrote me that the shoots have been a lot of fun. A Guardian article about this phase of her life - she's exactly my age, 71 - says she's getting more work and becoming more high profile than ever before. Go, Harriet! An inspiration to us all. And now I'm off to Riverdale Mac with my sick machine. A bientôt, I hope.  

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