Saturday, September 10, 2022

3rd Avenue street fair

Click to enlarge. Had the day all planned - walked out the door to discover a street fair on 3rd Avenue right outside Ted's, from 72 to 86. Strolled up and down, much fun. Bought reading glasses, 3 for $25. Love these New Yorker posters.
The hospital just up the street was offering free blood pressure testing and free bike helmets. A big lineup. My blood pressure is normal to low. I didn't get a helmet, I have one.
A hot Saturday with the street closed.
Strolling on - one of the delights of NYC is the preservation of a few old shops, like this barbershop which looks more or less unchanged from when it was founded in 1927. 
The subway - a young woman reading The Screwtape Letters. Someone young reading! Hooray! 
Sidewalk stencil, a desperate message: "Human over-population crisis, 52% wildlife killed off in 40 years." Does anyone notice?
Once again, a surreal message outside the Frick museum - and the usual clump of mesmerized people. Cellphones are a necessity and a cancer. 
A bride being photographed in Central Park.
An oasis.
Human beings just have to leave their mark.
New York portrait - skinny Upper East Side lady reading the Times
Birthday party, Central Park - the fathers gather at the back, by the balloons, while the mothers organize the games and cake. Many happy children.

And then I took the 79th Street exit and wandered back to Ted's. This is the first time in memory I've come to NYC and not gone to the theatre. I have stayed in a close radius to home. Glad I came. Glad I'm leaving.

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