Friday, September 9, 2022

Some NYC pictures

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I walked along 47th St., the centre of the diamond trade, shop after shop stuffed with diamonds. These were the biggest - ridiculous rapper necklaces.

Phew! Near Times Square.
A comedian I know from I think the Daily Show interviewing hapless tourists in Times Square. 
Just not enough people here.
They don't build theatres like they used to. What a beauty this one is. This year's Tony winner is here.
So many people on every street, selling all manner of food from their tiny booths. Love this one - Kwik Meal, "Like us on Facebook, give us a review on Yelp."
Old New York - a Sarah Lawrence backpack with flowers and an aloe leaf. 
They just don't build libraries like they used to. The New York Public Library, with its two famous lions, is utterly magnificent inside and out. And nearby is Bryant Park, another oasis in the jungle.

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