Saturday, September 24, 2022

a storm and various revolutions

Horrifying news from the Maritimes as tropical storm Fiona smashes her way through. BUT - convoys of power trucks are on their way from other provinces to help restore power. A good convoy.

I watched some of the Ken Burns' documentary on PBS, The United States and the Holocaust, which as Marsha Lederman points out in today's Globe, should be required viewing for everyone. It shows desperate people denied entry into safe havens, including Canada, and thus condemned to death. I couldn't watch some of the footage of the camps, it was unbearable. No question Burns and PBS produced this with urgency now, as the US and other countries toy with fascism.

BUT - Iran! The protests, what courage! Russia too. Sometimes I can't believe my good fortune, to be living in a country not at war, with a government that does not control my reproductive freedom or my head covering or my army status, in a city not wrecked by a storm. 

BUT - who knows what's coming?

Last night, Bill Maher talked to Michael Moore, who was one of the first people to correctly deduce that Trump was going to win, at a time when nobody on the left believed it possible. Well, yesterday, Moore was cheerful and upbeat, predicting that a coalition of voters young, female, and of colour was going to help sweep the elections in November and create change. 

Yes. Please. 

I turned the heat on yesterday - early. Sun by day, chilly at night. Spent the afternoon harvesting rhubarb, basil, and the last tomatoes, making pesto, tomato sauce, and rhubarb/orange compote. More to do. Life goes on, in this storm-less, revolution-less city. 

We in neglected, filthy, car-clogged, construction-plagued Toronto are facing a municipal election in which our milquetoast, do-nothing, status quo-loving, developer-friendly mayor will be re-elected for the FOURTH time because there's almost no opposition. We could use a revolution here, as a matter of fact.

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