Saturday, February 25, 2023


Fresh snow, lots of new snow. Will soon go and try to make myself look respectable for So True.

Never take tranquillity for granted. My son had a fall down some stairs yesterday and slammed into a wall - probably pulled by his very strong dog, though he has not said so. He managed to get home to leave Bandit and called me as the ambulance was on its way. Our medical system came through; they dealt with him amazingly fast. He was bleeding from the head though no concussion, but has damaged ligaments in his wrist, has a cast and will need an operation. 

He was due to start his new job that night. 

I'd just been talking by Zoom to my friend Judy in Vancouver about how our anxieties as mothers never end, and then we have grandchildren, so brand new anxieties. 

Brand new anxieties.


  1. Sending good wishes from a cold west coast. Poor Sam. But he's young and strong.