Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Great news: Solo Woman goes to Mosaic Press

Well, you've been hearing about the essay book for quite a long time. As usual, something I thought would be fairly easy turned out not to be so. I mean, most of the contents of this book had already been published! And yet had to be rewritten and rearranged over and over, new material found, some new stuff written. So what I thought would be an easy project, a compilation of mostly published essays, turned into two years of work. No complaints. 

BUT on to the next phase for Solo Woman: writing through the storm. Yesterday I signed a contract with the small but doughty Mosaic Press. There's hope the book will come out before the end of the year. The draft has gone to their editor, so the back and forth of final editing will begin, and soon cover discussion. SO MUCH FUN! (The subtitle has changed. It's now Midlife in Essays. Much better, no?)

And then I'll do my best to market it, which as you know is definitely my great strength, selling myself and my work, BUY THIS NOW. (Ha.) But most importantly, on to the next book. Another guaranteed bestseller. 


It's 14 degrees today; on my way to the Y I saw three people in shorts. It's February. Hard to knock it, but it's profoundly wrong. 

Yesterday, a nice repair guy came to check my fridge and the fridge in the flat downstairs, which weren't operating optimally, and my dishwasher, which seemed to be unbalanced. He checked everything, vacuumed the backs of the fridges which were very dusty, screwed the dishwasher in more securely, and charged me $700. 

Don't buy. Rent.

Tonight, Monique and Kathy are coming for dinner. We could almost eat outside. What a world.

PS Without question, sleazy John Tory will weasel out of resigning, just watch. The right is already terrified that a progressive mayor who might actually accomplish something would be elected in his place. Can't have that. Our poor city, doomed. 


  1. Such good news, Beth! Brava!

    1. Thank you, Theresa. I look forward to your next book too.