Saturday, September 22, 2012

Daniels Spectrum

That's the name (without apostrophe, it's a company called Daniels) of the brand new community arts centre on Dundas Street, in the middle of the brand new Regents Park. What a wonderful place. There was an open house today - full on energy, everywhere. It houses the Centre for Social Innovation, the Coba Collective of Black Artists, the Native Earth Performing arts group, the Regent Park School of Music and much more. Stunning. 
 Very young dancers.
 More dancers, getting ready.
 In the lobby, a violinist making Stephane Grapelli-type sounds on half an electric violin.
 Outside, drummers. I could hear them for blocks.
And at home, my own arts centre - a beautiful new poster, a gift from my dear friend Alannah Cavanaugh, who has a new collection of chic housewares debuting soon at the Bay! (And next to it are Eli's feet in plaster, my birthday present from his mother.)

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