Thursday, September 27, 2012

growing up with Eli

Roses! Late blooming roses, to give us one last taste of summer sweetness before it vanishes under a layer of frost.

Just picked. A fall bouquet.

Today at Judy's guided meditation, she asked us to encounter our older self. We do this regularly, and our younger self too, one of the most interesting parts of our practice. Today I took a stroll with moi, aged about 80, and we talked about Eli. Because when I am 80, he will be 18. (If he goes on as he is now, he'll be nine feet tall and weigh 300 pounds...)

Anyway, I realized another blessing of grandparent-dom - a fresh relationship to time. Children change so fast; a week is a very long time in the life of a baby. Whereas a week, in the life of an older person, is just a week. So though growing old myself is not exciting, to say the least, the thought of watching that boy over the next 18 years is thrilling. When my own children were young, yes, time was important, but I was too fraught to appreciate it. Now, I can relax and watch the weeks pile up, watch him changing day to day. My 80-year old self had enjoyed the whole thing.

I just hope to get there, to meet her. To celebrate that birthday. Fingers crossed. More broccoli, please.

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