Sunday, September 2, 2012

the Tea Party as the Taliban

Seen on a wall in Kensington Market this afternoon - some fine art.

My friend Chris walks - walks and walks and walks. So I'm learning how, with him. Yesterday, we were to visit my daughter, at Roncesvales and King, completely on the other side of the city. Usually, I ride my bike to King or Queen and take the long streetcar ride, and once, I rode my bike all the way there, by the lake.
"Let's walk," said Chris. So we did. It only took 2 1/2 hours, including a pit stop at Clafouti by Trinity-Bellwoods for dessert and a drink. We walked along Queen Street from Parliament. What an interesting road it is, and how great to see my own city on foot, like a tourist.

After a wonderful dandle of the baby, which you saw in the previous pix, and a nice Japanese dinner on Ronces - Eli's first Japanese restaurant, during which he ate rice (cereal) along with us - we walked up to get the streetcar home. I thought I might never walk again.

But today, we walked to Kensington Market, all around the market, buying nuts and fish and exploring a marvellous store called Good Egg in which every single thing is either beautiful or funny. I took the streetcar back; he walked. Such a contradiction - so health-conscious he almost never eats meat and takes an amazing amount of exercise, yet lives on Diet Coke.

Jon Stewart's final show on Friday was the most brilliant of all - he thanked Clint Eastwood and his eccentric rant for pulling down the facade and exposing the stupidity of the Republican party. Next week - the Dems. Chris is apolitical and can't understand why I care so much about American politics. How about the fate of the planet, does that matter?

Speaking of which - here is a most brilliant scene from the brilliant Aaron Sorkin's "The Newsroom," proving that the Tea Party is the American Taliban. Take a minute or two and dive in. Highly recommended.

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