Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Have you seen the cover of the "New Yorker" this week? The best ever. The brilliant Roz Chast eviscerates the Republicans in the most cheerful way, portraying them as a fun park of "American values." Though they don't need her, they're doing a great job of eviscerating themselves. Surely after the release of that tape of Romney's disgusting comments, the election is over. Thank the lord. No, never make assumptions or speak too soon, says the pessimist in me. But - who would still vote for him?

Don't be stupid. Mayor Ford was voted for by many happy folk. There you go.

Inside, the New Yorker cartoon issue, to be devoured with glee. What a treat. Especially Page 65 - "How we do it - a week in the life of a New Yorker cartoonist." The third last panel: "On Tuesday, we show our work to the cartoon editor. When he finishes laughing (10 - 30 minutes, usually) he hands us an attaché case full of money or precious gems." 

Why, cartooning is just like writing!

And another treat, oh how guilty I feel - I've discovered that CTS, the Christian television station - and surely this is the most enlightened thing they do - re-runs "The West Wing" almost every evening at 8. OMIGOD. I didn't want to watch again a program I'd loved so much, thinking it'd be dated, faded, gone. But no, it is still relevant and vital, fantastic writing and acting and thinking - like a bath in intelligence every night. What's so novel, so subversive, is that Sorkin portrays clever, compassionate, extremely informed people in government trying, over and over, to do the right thing, not for an ulterior motive, just because it's the right thing to do. Imagine! What a crazy naive concept!

Just got a call from my friend Myriam Beckerman, an elderly woman who's my scout in the Yiddish world - every time Jacob Gordin is mentioned somewhere, Myriam calls. I was interviewed a few months ago by Bill Gladstone of "The Canadian Jewish News," and apparently the article is in this week's paper. Myriam says it's great. So I will try to find it somewhere. Myriam, unfortunately, does not have email.

A visit to the doctor this morning. She doesn't know why I have a bit of pain in my left arm, but it's maybe muscles or tendons, not my heart. She suggested some physio; we'll see. But she did check the results of the bone scan I had a few months ago, and informed me that I have osteoporosis. Phooey. I eat a LOT of cheese, as you all know, and yogurt and milk and cottage cheese. But that's not enough. She gave me a prescription for an osteo drug. She wants me to take a drug. I do not like drugs, except cabernet sauvignon, burgundy, cotes de rhone and vignier. But if I don't take it, I'll be five foot two in no time.

Phooey. I pride myself on telling my doctor that I'm radiant with health and that's it, we're done. Don't like this prescription/physio stuff. Feels like the beginning of aging to me. Impossible in one so young.

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