Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Learning to write - now.

It's fall - time to acquire new creative skills or hone the ones you have. You're thinking, "I've always wanted to write. Perhaps now's the time." Yes, it is. Yes, you can.

Here are the classes for you:

 Starting Monday September 10 at 6.30 at Ryerson: "True to Life."

Starting Tuesday October 2 at 12.30 at the University of Toronto: "Life Stories." 

Learn how to transfer your life experiences, your stories and thoughts and feelings, from your heart and mind to the page. Perhaps for publication, perhaps for family or even just for yourself, it's time to get the words down. I am there to help.

Please consult this website under "Learning" for more information, and write to me if you have queries.

The time is now. See you soon.

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