Monday, August 24, 2015


Well - yes and no. It's Monday morning 8 a.m. and the Paul McCartney tickets, for his concert here Oct. 17, go on sale in two hours. And I have to say, re the above, that there's no question Macca is an artist, a great one, but he does not seem to have the slightest inclination to hide, if his non-stop international tours to hundreds of thousands of people are any indication.

I on the other hand, sitting silently in my garden with my aching back, my tapping fingers and my thoughts ... communicating and hiding. Blogging so much to you, yet hardly ever leaving my home.

Are you an artistic recluse? A show off? Something in between?

Two hours later: Elizabeth, you're going to Paul McCartney: Out There!

Exhausting - I was ready at the computer the minute the tickets went on sale, as a member of his website getting first dibs - trying to get in, confused, it wasn't working, then I got in, then the seat vanished, then there was a seat but there was a Ticketmaster password, I couldn't remember mine had to get a new one - TREMBLING. But I got a seat. A very good seat. My 65th birthday present to myself, along with the guitar I bought last week that will be delivered soon from Quebec. It's time to stop buying myself birthday presents NOW. Nothing will top this.


  1. So glad you got a ticket, Beth. Worth the online fuss, I'd say! And you'll enjoy every minute.

  2. Yes, I will, Theresa. For a while today, I was 14 years old again, and it was fun. I will bring a copy of my memoir and hope to get it to him. And if not I'll just have to sing and cry for 3 hours.