Tuesday, September 29, 2015

good job, Trevor Noah

Last night, what joy to sit down again at 11 and turn on the TV, for Trevor Noah's first Daily Show. It was a respectable start. I loved his intro, which hit just the right notes of respect and self-deprecation. The set is streamlined, simpler, less stuff going on. A few horrible jokes, but then, Jon made some too.The interview was awful, but then it was awful when Jon interviewed Kevin Hart - he’s something of an egotistical blowhard. I give Trevor great credit for his courage - what a difficult job, to follow an adored and brilliant man at the top of his game. 

So, so far, I’m in for the long haul. Happy to have that time slot back, even though I will miss and love Jon Stewart forever.

I didn't watch Trevor Noah alone. My dear friend the wonderful, multitalented actor and writer Nicky Cavendish is here, visiting from Vancouver. We performed together many years ago, a hilarious time touring a shallow sex comedy to remote northern B. C. communities. With Nicky, everything is an adventure and a joy. She's the most honest person I know. And right at this moment, she's reading the excerpts from my memoir that deal with the theatre. She'll let me know exactly what she thinks.

I will not write about the election. I will not write about the election. I will not write about hijabs, which are highjacking this election in a terrifying way.

Let's write about something else: the essay by Carrie Mac that won the CBC Non-fiction Literary Competition. It's good - immediate, visceral. Takes one's mind off the election.


  1. I smiled out loud (?) at the mention of Nicola Cavendish. I saw her in Calgary a few years back as Florence Foster Jenkins. Magnificent. And I recall seeing her on stage at the Freddy Wood Theatre at UBC back in the early 70s and thinking right then "that girl can act".

  2. No kidding, Alan - she sure can. She and I toured BC together in the Seventies and have been dear friends ever since. She's the most authentic, quirky person imaginable. I adore her.