Saturday, September 26, 2015

wealth beyond my wildest dreams

Another stunning day - so much more precious because we know these warm sunny beautiful days are limited. Enjoyed every minute. Here are some shots old and new - click to enlarge:
 From the Cabbagetown house tour last weekend - where my serious upper floor deck envy came from - this was one of several.
 A typical humble child's humble, messy closet
 The star, the house up the street that was renovated for two solid years
The all candidates meeting - democracy in a church hall.
 This morning at Riverdale Farm - the centre of the metropolis
 Goats having breakfast
Looking for turtles in the ponds. And then we went to our dance class at the Y, where once again, Glamma was grooving and her grandson was more or less motionless and stone-faced. "I don't feel like it," he said, when asked why he didn't dance. But he did twitch a few times. We'll try once more.

So exciting! Just checked my bank account - and the government of Canada is paying me for staying alive. Hard to live on it - but $835 a month that wasn't there before is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.
Sep 28, 2015OLD AGE SECURITY   $564.80
Sep 28, 2015CPP                                $270.08

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