Sunday, September 20, 2015

Beatles in 1965 and PETITION AGAINST SHELL

Hard to believe - can it be true? No, I guess it's not hard to believe at all, when you look at the Harper government's environmental track record- that is, their utter disdain for the future for the planet. PLEASE SIGN AND PASS ON.

Canada has just given Shell permission to drill for oil off the coast of Nova Scotia -- and to let any blowout go uncapped for 21 days.

Can you join me in telling the Petroleum Board to refuse Shell’s application to drill in Nova Scotia?

Okay, now that you've done your civic duty, relax, put your feet up and watch this not-very-clear but still delightful tape of the Beatles in Paris in June 1965. Your faithful correspondent was there, both at the afternoon show and the evening one, which is the one shown. And amazingly, it's shot from my vantage point - in the afternoon, as my friends know, I was in the eighth row centre, but in the evening I was on the right side facing the stage - JOHN'S side, I was chagrined to realize, not Paul's.
Now I can watch the whole thing on very grainy tape from exactly the same pov. Wonderful to see French teenagers have such a good time, though they're infinitely more controlled than their US counterparts, and the boys themselves are obviously enjoying it all too - just the four of them and their tiny amps, that was it.

I'd discovered this clip myself and lost it - thanks to Alan Millen for sending it again. Poor Alan, at twelve, was too young to go when they played in Vancouver in 1964. My parents nearly didn't let me go either, but they knew I would never never never never never never never have forgiven them. So they gave in. And if you want to know more about the concert and Paris and Beatle love and growing up in the Sixties, THERE'S A VIVID AND UNFORGETTABLE BOOK!

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