Thursday, September 10, 2015

U of T's Life Stories nearly full

Update: I've just learned that my U of T class, which doesn't start till October 6, is already almost full - there's only one place left. So if that's the one you want, you'd better move fast. There is still a bit of room at Ryerson but not much.

Woo hoo!

Tomorrow the Cabbagetown Festival starts, and the neighbourhood will go nuts. My British friend Liz is visiting Canadian relatives with her sister and is coming to check out the activities on Saturday; she loves jumble sales, as they call them in England, and will have more than her fill here - including my own. The weather right now is heaven - hot with a breeze. Tonight my home class arrives, stories in hand, and work starts for the fall term of 2015.

This afternoon I saw my shrink. I still see her periodically because I love her, and she might also be fond of me. There's someone out there who knows just how much it means that these days, I'm as tranquil and productive as I am; this woman knew me just as my marriage was falling apart and then through the tormented years of divorce and small children, when I was going mad with grief and stress and fear and exhaustion. I'm a zombie of calm in comparison now. A good kind of zombie. Happy to stagger into her office and babble.

And there's my woodpecker, working away outside. As I will be soon, right here.

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