Wednesday, September 23, 2015

remarkably cheerful

Great news:

Half a bottle! Be still my beating heart. AND Happy Birthday is now public domain. We can use its lyrics in our books and sing it in our films. As someone who was terrified to quote even a line or two of music in her Sixties memoir - so many great lyrics, unusable - this is good news. Let's pry open those music copyright doors, guys.

It is a stunning day, hot, bright. Since waking up this morning I've been thinking, Beth Kaplan, this is the best day of your life, so far. I slept well, had a good breakfast and delicious coffee, worked at my beloved manuscript, heard from friends via email, messed around in my beloved house and watered the garden, which is still blooming, if faded - harvested a few tomatoes and one luscious strawberry. My beloved daughter called with a hilarious story about her older son, who takes everything literally; my only son, who has just had a promotion at work, texted. Went to the Y for a gruelling class and much chat with dear friends. Home for lunch, more delicious coffee, more email, Facebook, piano practice. Now more work, and my beloved Wayson coming for supper. I may just have to drink a few glasses of wine, just for my health.

Does it get better than that? Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you. Even if it's not.

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