Monday, September 28, 2015

Supermoon, superdad

It was too cloudy to see the vast romantic orange supermoon last night, but there are fantastic pictures online. Today is gloomy and wet. Teaching tonight, so a quiet day at home. Some pictures for your delight:
This is Paul McCartney with his daughter Stella. No, she's not a nervous young teen, she's one of the world's most successful and visible fashion designers, but here, she's a girl being held by her dad. Who among us has not dreamed of being cherished like this by our own fathers? Say what you like about Macca, but he has been a wonderful dad to his own kids, including his stepdaughter Heather who considers him her legal father, and to John's son Julian, and to all the world's children who have grown up bathed in music.

Here's my own (grand)parental pride:
Benjamin Bunny, yesterday. Just over eight weeks old and feelin' perky. Bald and perky.

I leave you with these, my friends. Back to work, and then time for a delicious nap. Life is tough.

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