Wednesday, January 6, 2016

a note from a former student

I am immersed in the past - spent the morning connecting to myself in 1974 via stories, diaries and letters, and had the pleasure of tea this afternoon with an old friend whom I have not seen since about that year. What struck me most was how extremely glad I am to be more than 40 years older. Almost everything is so much better - except my skin and hair, my memory and my joints. But otherwise - WAAAAY BETTER.

Just got this email, below - heartening on a sunny but cold January day.
I took your course back in the winter of 2012 - which seems approximately forever ago - and during that semester you introduced us to the Globe and Mail's "Facts and Arguments" column, encouraging us to send in pieces. 

I finally sent in a short essay this past fall, and it is running on Monday, January 11th. I wanted to let you know and say thank you once again for teaching and encouraging and affirming me (and the others in our class). As I was writing and rewriting this piece, I often thought of different tidbits from the class - I cut out a runway, avoided unnecessary luggage I didn't have time to unpack, and limited my adverbs as much as I could. 

Your course continues to be a highlight in my creative history, and I hope I'm able to take another class with you in the future.

I'm glad it worked for her.

And here's a beautiful note from my dear friend Lani:
I see your vacation from blogging is over.You tried that once before, did you not?  And it didn't last long either. I wonder if it's like quitting smoking? I'm glad you're back at it - I love to know what's going on with you without having to bore you with what's going on with me - these one-way conversations with you are like an anchor for me.

Yes, it seems to be as hard as quitting smoking, except that blogging isn't quite as bad for the health. I love that this is an anchor for you, my Lan. The thing is - it's an anchor for me too. That's why I do it. 

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