Sunday, January 3, 2016

"Room" - another must see

More treats - I'll have to stop seeing things or I'll burst with pleasure. Just went to see "Room." I'd avoided it - I read Emma Donohue's book quickly with the breath squeezed in my chest, the thought of seeing the story played out on the big screen was unbearable. But I've heard over and over how wonderful it is - and it is, absolutely beautiful, first rate. The story of a young woman imprisoned for seven years in a garden shed, who gives birth to a son and raises him there - and then what happens  to them next - is told with restraint and honesty, as was "Spotlight." Great acting - the child, played by Jacob Tremblay, is hauntingly good - and direction, great script by Donohue, all of it unforgettable. And shot in Toronto, with a small but important role for the great Tom McCamus and his kind, rumpled face.

As I rode my bike home, I felt as never before the fresh cold wind in my face, saw the bright sky above my head. Walking in my door - my home, safe and warm. What people survive is a miracle. I want to go across town and hug my daughter and her children and never let them go.

But they're busy. And so am I. Last night, "Adaptation" on television, the hilarious torture of being a writer - and tonight, a Downton party. Jean-Marc has cooked a feast from my favourite cookbook "Jerusalem" by Yotam Ottolenghi and his Palestinian partner; we'll dine there and then come here to watch Maggie Smith tear up the carpet.

Now, an hour or two to do some work. Oh yes - work. Time to get in gear. Onward.

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