Friday, January 15, 2016

Bowie gets it

Now I am feeling profound regret that I didn't appreciate this fine man earlier. Here's an interview David Bowie did with a British journalist in 1999 - brilliant! He understands the internet in a way the man he's talking to obviously does not. "It's just a delivery system," says the guy. "It's an alien life form," says Bowie, going on to say we haven't even begun to understand the changes it will bring to our society. He's funny, clever, thoughtful - wonderful. Stay till the end when he talks about meeting Tony Blair.

My grandson is here, asleep upstairs. His baby brother was sick yesterday, his mama and his dad were dealing with a lot, so Eli is welcome here. My house is upside down and my heart is full. We spent a good deal of time, after his bath, playing with Giraffey and Hippo in bed; Giraffey likes bananas and Hippo likes grass. We played with the double-decker bus and the London taxi; the big car and the big backhoe he'd taken into the bathtub with him were wrapped in a towel by the bed.  I told him that his Uncle Sam used to sleep in this very same room when he was only three; Eli's eyes widened. "Were you an adult then too?" he asked. "Barely," I wanted to reply, but didn't.

Speaking about people who are barely adult, my friend Gretchen just sent an article from a website called Rightwing Watch in which the loathsome Ann Coulter is quoted as saying that God has sent Donald Trump to save America and therefore the world. I'm sure it's just a joke. LOL, as they say. LOL, Ann Coulter. LMFAO.


  1. Isn't it wonderful to have grandsons under your roof?

  2. It's the best. I woke up this morning to the gaze of a pair of big brown eyes; he was waiting to climb over me and look out the window at the "skirrels." Heaven. My love to you and yours.