Thursday, January 14, 2016

Alan Rickman

Oh no! As I wrote, I was sorry to hear about David Bowie's death but not profoundly moved. I was sorry to hear about the deaths of William Needles and Brian Bedford, two wonderful actors who graced the stage at Stratford for many years.

But this death makes me deeply sad. There was a time I wanted to marry this man and Googled to find out his marital status. He was already married, darn it. To a woman he'd been with for nearly 50 years. In show business, that is more than a record, it's a miracle.
Alan Rickman, only 69, such a wonderful sense of humour, so sublimely unforgettable in Sense and Sensibility, and particularly as the malevolent and sly Snape in Harry Potter. Too sad.

What's going on, January? Enough already!


  1. Beth! I wanted to marry AR also! I was 15 at the time & had just seen Truly, Madly, Deeply. AR was my first serious movie-crush, only to be outdone by more serious literature crushes later on, which have strangely culminated in my dreamy affection for Ulysses S. Grant, but more on that another time... In any event, "marry Alan Rickman" was on my To-Do list well into my 20s...
    ps: happy new year!

  2. I did actually spend time on the internet trying to find out about his marriage, thinking if he was unhappy, I could save him ... Not a complete pipe dream, we did have Toronto friends in common, he spent time here, I thought I could stalk him nicely ... but I wasn't 15, this wasn't that long ago! I loved TMD but even more, Sense and Sensibility - the way he looked at Kate Winslet is the way every woman wants a man to look at her. Sigh. Except, perhaps, Ulysees S. Grant. You'll have to explain that one to me! Happy New Year to you too.

  3. Oh and how he looked with a cello in his arms...sigh.

  4. Yes - gentle and powerful at the same time. Once more with feeling: SIGH.