Monday, January 18, 2016

Branson is back!

Downton! So delicious. I would go on and on about it, but a NYT writer has done it much better, in a laugh out loud article:
He's right, the scene with the decaying aristocrat in his crumbling house, sniffing about playing host to royalty as he sits in chaos before Barrow's incredulous eyes, was worth the price of admission, let alone Mrs. Hughes standing her ground, the wonderful wedding scene (though cut too short), Edith perhaps finding not just a beau but a man who understands publishing (!) and admires an ambitious woman, and more. Sinfully luscious, like thick clotted cream.

After that, I watched a bit of the new series Billions, with the phenomenal Damien Lewis, and regretted that this fine actor is wasting his time with such stuff. You could see the gears of plot grinding clumsily. A series about horrible people doing appalling things - if I want that, I'll watch Game of Thrones.

And then, from the ridiculous to the sublime, I watched the last half hour of the Democratic debate. First, as several pundits have said, even the weakest of the three, the governor, is mountains above the strongest Republican candidate. So much substance, so much sense. And second, couldn't we have both Bernie and Hilary? A one-two punch? I didn't see her attack him, as apparently she did, but I did see him explain why he doesn't attack her. Imagine, a decent human being in politics! We Canucks have one or two of those too.

Spent yesterday alone with my thoughts. I was going to go to the Y and/or the movies and tried to get a ticket for a Mozart concert which was sold out - so I stayed home and mulled, did some work, listened to Eleanor Wachtel interview a fascinating writer - David Constantine, whose short story is the basis for the movie "45 years" coming out soon, a wonderful interview, check it out in the Writers and Company podcast - while making ribollita, which is delicious. A long day watching snow fall and talking to nobody, ending with good soup and stimulating television - la vie est belle.

And tonight, teaching starts at Ryerson - my course almost full - tomorrow the advanced course at U of T, and Thursday my home class. My cup runneth etc.

From my daughter:
I couldn't agree more.
And as your final treat, here's my grandson on Saturday, eating hot chocolate with a spoon. Love is.

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