Saturday, January 2, 2016


Sherlock! What heaven - a new show last night. Rave review today in the Guardian."Sherlock's back and it's fast, fun, flashy, fantastic." Such good writing, acting, production - funny, too, with lots of insider references, particularly to the fact that Conan Doyle wrote very little for women and the writers of this series have had to swell the female parts.

"I’m telling you – 2016 television is downhill from here on." Said the Guardian, and I agree. How can it get better than this? Except - Downton on Sunday! Viewing party planned with Jean-Marc and Richard. When TV is good, it's so good. The episode airs again on PBS, Sunday Jan. 10 at 10.
Here's the Sherlock review: 


  1. Saw the new Sherlock movie tonight, it was wonderful

    1. Wasn't it just, Nadia? Wonderful script, acting, everything.