Wednesday, April 3, 2013

adventure awaits

Okay, what did I forget? My brain?

At the island airport, waiting to fly to Washington. Usually I'm waiting to go to Ottawa, occasionally NYC. This is a first. First cousin once removed George, who will soon be 87, will be waiting for me at Dulles. And so it begins.

I think I got it all done, down to turning on the dishwasher, feeding the birds, hugging the crabby cat who knows I'm leaving and is sulking in my bedroom where she almost never goes - watering plants, writing last minute instructions for Carol my tenant and April house-sitter, poor soul. What an overload.  As I was leaving, all the plants looked dry. I had to return my neighbour's recycling bin because she's away. Last minute calls about errands. Did not sleep much last night - lists.

But this is easy compared to flying to Europe. My suitcase weighs 16 kilos, yes, but there are a few Washington gifts in there to leave behind - well, a VERY heavy Dr. Seuss book. Five New Yorkers. 16 kilos for a month is pretty restrained for me. Plus computer backpack with snacks - cheese and crackers, nuts, cookies - and my satchel bag with everything else.

And so - it begins. Woo hoo! Let's blow this freezing if sunny popstand! Let's hope Kim Jong-un holds off on his warheads, at least until May.

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