Tuesday, April 2, 2013

our beautiful dot

Saw a docudrama tonight on the life of Alan Turing, the brilliant British mathematician whose Enigma machine helped win WW2, who went on to invent the concept of the first computers - and who was hounded to suicide, at the age of 41, because he was gay. A sad and infuriating story; a great mind and fine life lost.

Thanks to Alan Turing, I was able to have breakfast with my grandson this morning, through the magic of Skype. He sat in his highchair across town eating pancake pieces and gazing, puzzled, at the familiar face and voice that were not really there. And I got to see those cheeks and that smile, even if I couldn't pick him up for a squeeze.

Thank you, Alan, for making this Glamma so happy. RIP.

PS Jon Stewart just had a piece showing that Kim Jong whoever in North Korea has a map showing Korean warheads pointing at several places in the U.S. - specifically, Washington D.C., California, and ... Austin, Texas. Austin, Texas? All the places I will be going in the weeks to come. Peace, Jong baby!

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