Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Beautiful B.C.

Opening night: Mr. Tyrell on the right, with his Grade 5 teachers Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler ("the Breck girl"), who were so kind to him then and feature prominently in his show
 Just outside Bruce's front door - English Bay and cloud
From the Burrard Bridge, the West End, Bruce's apartment centre-right - and cloud
 On the ferry to Bowen Island
The view from Shari's front door


  1. ah, the coast is truly paradise, isn't it? (When the weather is as nice as it is right now. We have violet-green swallows swooping over our house, checking out our nestboxes...)

  2. Paradise, Theresa - you lucky sod. EXCEPT WHEN IT RAINS CONSTANTLY FOR WEEKS ON END. The weather here is like the pain of labour - when it's over, what greets you is so magnificent that you forget the pain.

    Sort of.