Monday, September 5, 2016

Labour Day

A gorgeous Labour Day - my labour was spending time with the small boys from across town who descended and destroyed with glee. We spent a lot of time at the wonderful water park on Wellesley Street, where they got wet and Glamma did not. At one point, a very elderly couple - in their nineties, extremely frail - arrived with their walkers and a caregiver and sat, laughing as they watched the children splash in the water. They had come just to watch the kids play, and their delight was beautiful to see. It brought tears to my eyes, in fact, reminding me just how lucky we all were, to be alive on this beautiful day watching children run through streams of water screaming with pleasure. The woman - so very tiny - was wearing bright purple nail and toenail polish. I complimented her and she said she was visiting some very traditional friends later and would have to take it off first.

By mid-afternoon, Glamma was tuckered out and the family went home. I poured a large glass of wine and sat staring at the garden, where the silver lace vine, for the first time, has burst into massive quantities of bloom.

Tomorrow, Eli starts Junior Kindergarten. First day of school. We went to check it out the other day - he knows the building well because the drop-in he frequented with his mama is there. He'll be fine. And his mama will be very happy to have some time with just a very energetic climbing baby.

Here are some things for you to enjoy, at the end of this great summer. Cheers!

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