Friday, September 2, 2016

cute boys

Amazing - it turned into September, and I had to put a quilt on the bed and wear my light wool housecoat the next morning. I know it'll go back and forth, but still ... Mama Nature flipped the calendar to Sept. 1 and said, Okay, that's done, moving right along, and turned down the heat.

Went across town to go swimming with Anna and the boys, as the giant public pool near them will close on Monday. It's wonderful they live so close to the lake; we walked on the boardwalk, ate at the restaurant practically right on the beach, and were deafened by the air show practicing right in front of us.
Eli looked for "instering" rocks to throw into the water. And found plenty.

Yesterday, another kind of heaven - I worked on the manuscript all day - well, with interruptions, including dear Wayson who came for dinner. But mostly, blessed solitude. Richard invited me to go with him and Jean-Marc for a picnic and swim on the island and I said no. Working. That's the first time in weeks and it felt good. Today, no work again, but I'll get back to it. Have not done much this summer, but then ... it was summer.

What I just did, instead of working, was to spend half an hour listening to a YouTube video about Paul McCartney's vocal range and tone. Absolutely incredible, from pure, sweet and low to the highest Helter Skelter-type screams, his voice is infinitely flexible - and he wrote all the @#$# songs himself. Sheer genius. Be still my beating heart.
Speaking of which - how's this for a nice-looking guy with a lovely smile? The one on the right. Atsa my boy.
And now it's 10 o'clock and I can go to bed and read. Does life get better than this?

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