Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Helen Mirren at 70

Readers of my FB page know that yesterday was four-year old Eli's first day of school. And he aced it. There's a long road ahead, but his first day was exemplary. His mama wrote to me, "Both his teachers said he was amazing. Well behaved, listened the first time they told him something, and was a great kid. I said I wasn't surprised because he's always so good for everyone else. She said that's a sign I'm doing a great job. LOL."

Watched last night a program on TVO about success in life, various studies etc., and that they feel now the deciding factor for lifelong success is not resilience or intelligence, but self-control in childhood. The famous marshmallow test. And Eli, though he fights his mama so fiercely, has it. So Glamma can officially cease worrying and live a serene life from now on.


Hot and beautiful. Friend Margaret staying here. The Cabbagetown Festival coming up, tonight a big U of T event with food, wine and colleagues, and later the C'town Short Film Fest. Too busy. Love it.

Here's a heartening picture for your Wednesday of your typical 70-year old woman:

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