Monday, September 12, 2016

pix from me to you

Central Park from above. What a miracle that place is, a giant green rectangle in the middle of a lunatic asylum.
Oh yup yup yup. Please let me be nearby when these two meet again - Macca and Mr. Darcy! MMMM. Even if one of them is, for some incomprehensible reason, wearing plaid.

For me, it's fall, though officially not for a few more weeks. But work started today - I mean, outside work as opposed to inside work, my own writing. Tonight, a wonderfully full class at Ryerson. My privilege to be at the helm and meet them all. One student said she was torn between various classes and then she read one of the articles on this website; it made her cry and she knew this was the right class. "So now I can make you cry in person," I said.

Yesterday, the Cabbagetown Festival, a beautiful day - as was today too, perfect - strolling with the family and Wayson, street food, crafts, the Farm, garage sales everywhere. I bought only one thing - a big castle, with archers and knights and, best of all, TWO DRAGONS, for $10. Eli's Xmas present. My kind of shopping.

May this weather last - sunny and fresh, with a breeze. A blessing.

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