Wednesday, April 10, 2019

absolutely last pix of Bologna

Four more pix just downloaded.
My view throughout Italy - my fearless leader and guide.
 An ordinary door handle or keyhole or something wonderful on a very big door
A simple little saint's tomb in ivory with two of the statuettes by a very young Michelangelo who lived in Bologna for a year
A simple little side altar in the same church. Baroque enough for you? The wealth of the Catholic church is unimaginable. And yet they ask for donations "for the upkeep of the churches." LOL.

My favourite Italian word is prego. You're welcome, there you go, please, after you - a kind, useful word. And of course ciao. At one restaurant, when a new group arrived, the chorus of "ciao"s, said maybe 25 times, made me laugh.

And on that note ... avanti

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