Sunday, April 28, 2019

Uncle Wayson

 The loveliest picture ever - 2012, Eli had just been born

going through junk, as always, as our favourite store, Doubletake
the little aquarium was his Xmas present to Eli
Uncle Wayson
The worst picture of us ever
 his 75th
Wayson spoke to many of my classes, including a home group here

Sam loved to cook for him, and as we all know, Wayson loved to eat
At one of my book launches, with my former student and current friend, fabulous writer Laurel Croza - Wayson blurbed one of her books

 with Jean-Marc and Richard, my birthday party
a quiet moment in the garden - he never went anywhere without a bag full of books, pens, coloured pencils ...
The loveliest picture ever. Feasting joyfully on life, as always.

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