Monday, April 8, 2019

pix of Verona

Click to enlarge. Again, cannot adjust light, so some of these are darker than they should be. This is Juliet's balcony and some of her many admirers.
 Street scene. In many places, building were so artfully aged that it was as if they'd been done by set decorators.
and this
and this
The other side of the river
 one of Bruce's churches with gorgeous painted vaults
our lunch with a view of the river
 more loveliness - still life with a Bruce
 more churches
 a medieval bridge
a medieval woman gazing at a medieval cloister.

While I write this, Bruce is wrestling with the washing machine; we've put a load of laundry in - but where do you turn it on? Mystery; he's on the internet trying to figure it out. This morning I wrestled for ten minutes with the toaster, another medieval device, and the espresso pot, which took 15 minutes to heat up. Always with the adventures. Avanti!

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