Friday, August 21, 2020

The Democrats nail it

A surreal moment last night - sitting in a rustic living-room in Muskoka, surrounded by woods and water, watching Joe Biden and the Dems save the world. Or at least give it a damn good try. I have hope.

One powerfully moving moment after another, all done on video in isolation yet full of impact. Young Brayden Harrington, daring to appear on screen with his stutter; historian Jon Meacham delivering a heartfelt, eloquent analysis of our current moment; Julia Louis-Dreyfus pulling no punches, as scathing and vicious as her opponent but with a ton more wit. And on and on.

But mostly, it was about Joe - or Joey, as he was often called throughout, and for me, the most moving segment was his four granddaughters saying he called them every day, always took their calls even in the middle of important political events. We learned that despite the tragedies the man suffered, he emerged, not hardened, but full of empathy and kindness. How could he be more different from that loathsome orange-faced troll?

In the meantime, there are woods and lakes on all sides. Ruth and her family have owned this cottage for 50 years, and it's a beauty. And yet, as I wrote last time, with high-speed wifi and flat-screen TV. We have enough food to last us into next year. Perhaps we should just hunker down here until after November, when the world changes for good. For the good.

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