Tuesday, August 4, 2020

report on aging

A quick report - so far, 70 hasn't been great. Immediately, Sunday morning, I wasn't feeling well and of course these days, that's terror. I was achey with a sore throat and did almost nothing, and then one of my fingers went into painful spasm - arthritis? The day after my birthday, just to make a point? I've made the mistake of paying for an online exercise program which arrives every day; I've now not done 11 days of exercises.

Yesterday was not much better, still feeling lousy. The only bright spot, a meeting with Jason about our on-going project to launch this book. And John arrived to fix things, none of which got fixed, because - my house. I watched two episodes on Netflix of "Call My Agent," a French drama about the entertainment industry - good, not great. Lovely to see Paris in the background, though.

The weather has been very strange, too - heavy and very rainy.

Today, feeling better, fingers fine, I guess I'm not dying after all, which is good because it was a busy time - meeting Anna at Sick Kids hospital where Ben was going for a fitting. They'd hoped his club foot would be fixed by now, but it's still turning inward so he has been fitted for a special cast to wear at night. While he and his mama did that, Eli and I toured the Eaton Centre, my first shopping expedition for months, to buy books for their excursion to Nova Scotia and children's Scrabble for here, new sneakers for him - he wanted the gleaming gold ones but we compromised on the ones on sale with a BIT of gold - sandals for his brother, Body Shop body butter for his mother and me. Then a restaurant lunch; Eli and I got there first and played Scrabble while we waited. Anna is organizing a four-week trip starting with a very long drive, with a two-week quarantine when they arrive, so - complicated. If anyone can do it, she can.

Many emails - from the publisher, two new tenants, my boss at U of T. Trying to find a venue for the book launch, almost impossible, no one will commit because everything may shut down again by September. Nobody knows how to navigate this new world.

Watched part of the Trump interview for Axios until I couldn't watch any more. If you put it in a comedy, we'd say, too broad, ridiculous.

Can a zucchini get too big? That's my question for today.

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