Wednesday, September 3, 2014

another student in Facts and Arguments

Student Nancy Figueroa wrote the other day, to say that another of her essays would be appearing in the Globe.
I read the story at your place in May, worked on it, including some of the suggestions you made and then I forgot about it.  Three weeks ago I remembered it and sent it off to The Globe. They liked it! It will be my third piece in F & A since I finished your class!
I'll look forward to seeing you September 16 for the launch of True to Life.

 It's a lovely piece, Nancy. Congratulations.

When our dishwasher broke down, my son and I were doing the dishes together. He suddenly had a lot more to say to me than usual. (Jori Bolton For The Globe and Mail)


  1. Thanks, Beth. I am honoured.


  2. Very good ... really enjoyed reading that. I've never owned a dishwasher. Many of my favourite times with my mom or brother or sister or even father was when we did the dishes together. Thanks, Nancy. Lani

  3. Hi Nancy, I have only read two of your stories but enjoyed them both, hope to read more. Dave D :)