Thursday, September 4, 2014

note from a happy student

My student Maggie was a strong writer and person, so I knew she was ready to take the powerful story of her years as an alcoholic to the next level, which we call "jumping off a cliff". She bravely sent it to the Globe where it was published. I would never have encouraged her to do so if I didn't think she could handle such a public outing.

And this is what she just sent. I'm proud of her and happy things went so well.

I have had hundreds of emails, FB messages, and comments, remarks, and calls made in person to me since my essay that I wrote in your class was published in Facts and Arguments. It has been a positive and life changing event for me. You wouldn’t believe the kindness, support, and intimate sharing that has generated from ‘jumping off the cliff’. 

A good friend recently observed, after I shared the story of you being my teacher and taking me to the edge of the cliff, and encouraging me, helping me, and making it all possible —  “What a wonderful woman she must be, to have trusted you that it would be okay, and that you could trust her enough to be so brave”. I know I thanked you when I submitted it and all that, but I just had to let you know what an powerful 900 words this essay turned out to be. 

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