Saturday, September 6, 2014

more Festival

I just went for a bike ride down Parliament Street - 8.30 on a beautiful evening and the street is impassable. And what a crowd - they say that Toronto is the most ethnically diverse city in the world, and I can attest that Parliament Street, at this moment, is the most ethnically diverse street in the world. Every type of headdress possible - headscarves of all sizes and types, devout little hats on men, complete hijab, people of every colour from every country, all enjoying the music and street food right now. It's the closest I've ever felt in Canada to what I experienced in India - the noise and crowding, the assault of it all - a block away from my front door. Quite amazing.

The soul group outside the liquor store
Watching the salsa drummers outside the gas station
The fire juggler outside the pharmacy
And the wild rock and rollers (the lead singer with a beard to his solar plexus) outside the Wing Machine a block from here.

And then I saw poor silver Elvis pack up his gear and begin to trudge home, still silver, after a hard day's work.

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