Wednesday, September 10, 2014

the internet and spam from me

It's back it's back I'm sitting in my kitchen connected to the entire planet once again. The Rogers guy said he thought raccoons had chewed the cable wires. @#$#@ raccoons!!

I have lived without the internet and TV, yes I have, but somewhere else, not here at home where I'm used to these luxuries at my fingertips. I kept stopping at my computer, which had nothing to say to me. No Jon Stewart, no updates of friends and family on FB, no email, no being able to check whatever I want whenever, including my bank and library accounts. I am truly attached to this vital electronic teat and I do not want to live without it.

A lovely day out, and my heart is light.

But - the down side - my friend Karen just forwarded an email that apparently came from me, but was spam. SOMEONE IS SPAMMING USING MY NAME, saying:
Hey Karen. How are you? Good website ...
And then the website address. This is not moi. Do not click on the link. Anyone who knows me can tell it's not from me, so I hope no one gets caught.

So this wondrous connectivity has its problems. But I am one happy camper nonetheless. Hello!

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