Wednesday, September 10, 2014


So happy trolling away - just ate dinner with Jon Stewart, whom I had to miss last night - and he thanked the Toronto film festival, where he was yesterday. That is, yesterday my beloved Jon was only a few kilometres away, and I did not meet him.

It's okay, I'll survive. At least I have my internet. All reports are that he is a prince among men - kind, thoughtful, polite and funny. My friend Richard was on a show at CTV yesterday and spoke to an interviewer there who'd met him and couldn't believe how nice he was. I KNEW IT!

This afternoon I went to see a musical. David Mirvish sends out special deals every so often, and because I go alone, I often get great single seats for reduced prices. Which I did this afternoon, centre orchestra for half price, to see "Wicked." My daughter saw it years ago in NYC with her dad and loved it, and I've wanted to see it ever since. So this afternoon, at last, I did.

It's superb. Divine. Fabulous - a great great story with lefty political undertones and amazing performances. What pleasure. Thank you, Americans who know how to do this thing so well, belt out songs, dance and act and produce shows that dazzle this way and yet are meaningful. Wondrous.

I was grateful, once again, to live in this fine metropolis. I went to the Y because it's Wednesday and Carol's class but had to leave early for a 1.30 matinee. I hopped on my bike at the Y at 1.10, was early for the show, and cycled home afterwards in ten minutes. Yeah downtown, baby.

And now, here's a sober thought as the rain comes down (it's feeling a lot like fall):

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