Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Brucie was here! My dear friend was passing through on his way to London and a tour of the British Isles - on his bucket list, he said. So he came over to fix me up technologically, as is his wont. My own personal genius. He brought me a gift - a little cube speaker that runs on Bluetooth - and set that up, then brought my computer and iPhone up to date and downloaded the software so my new camera works. He provided two hours of tech expertise and I provided lunch and a lovely blue shirt from Doubletake. Is this a fair exchange? Well, it'll have to do for now.

Testing the camera. It works!

I am missing the tech gene, and so, funnily enough, are my kids; they know just enough to get along with their own gear but are not whizzes the way so many of their generation are. So I'm completely dependent on Bruce - and on Chuck when Bruce isn't here. I hope I can remember some of what he taught me.

What the hell is Bluetooth, anyway?

Went yesterday to friend Anne-Marie's book launch. She is the Director of the Jesuit Forum for Social Faith and Justice (what is social faith? I must ask her) and they've produced a terrific workbook, "Living with limits, living well: Hints for neighbours on an endangered planet." They believe that the poor are most affected by climate change and that ecological issues cannot be dealt with separately from issues of poverty. There were some rousing speeches and good food and wine too. The dear man next to me kept saying "Praise God" as people spoke, and I was aware of the fact that I was almost certainly the only atheist in the room. A prof from U of T made a beautiful speech and then told a joke to which I objected. "There was a man who was a life-long atheist," he began, "but he also liked nature."

BUT? He was an atheist BUT he also liked nature? As if these things are mutually exclusive? I pointed this out to him so afterwards. Why am I so edgy and obnoxious when surrounded by people of faith? Because I do not understand them. And perhaps I am jealous of the light that shines from their eyes.

And there were two bits of good news yesterday, one in a letter from the health department and one from Richard the bug hunter: I do not have colon cancer and I do not have termites. Does it get better than that? Today was an absolutely beautiful day with the sun hot in the sky, my dear friend came for lunch, I do not have colon cancer or termites - at this time at least - and I went for a walk to the farm. I am a life-long atheist, and I love nature.
Praise God.

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