Saturday, September 6, 2014

the Cabbagetown Festival

My multi-ethnic and economically diverse 'hood in downtown Toronto has a huge street festival every September, and this year's was the best yet. Our main thoroughfare, Parliament St., is shut to traffic, there are food, drink and things vendors everywhere, lots of great music - a wonderful place for a very small boy. 
Click to enlarge.
Eli milks a plexiglass cow on Parliament Street
and has a swinging time
and goes back to the cow
 and relaxes on the street with his new ukelele ($10 from a Sri Lankan vendor. He wanted this, not a water pistol. Be still my beating heart. )
A big band of very young players and singers - fabulous.
I asked if I could take the picture of this dapper garage sale aficionado. "Of me and David?" he said.
A bassoon quartet - who knew?
A silver Elvis at Parliament and Carlton.


  1. You need to put that pic of Eli milking that cow into a special folder for 20 years from now when you attend his wedding. Then the slide show ....

  2. Will do, Lani. There will be LOTS of embarrassing shots, like the one of him bathing in my kitchen sink...