Sunday, November 9, 2014

celebrating Nancy White

Cooking a chicken in anticipation - Anne-Marie and Jim are coming to dinner, and then we're all going to friend Nancy White's 70th birthday party at the Tranzac Club, organized by her talented musician daughters. A marvellously original and musical funnywoman is turning 70. Twenty performers, apparently, will sing her songs. We were asked to bring pictures for a scrapbook, and I have found some, including one from the tour Nancy and I did in 1971 of an adaptation of "Under Milk Wood" for Young People's Theatre - with music, as I used to say, by Gordon Lightfoot's evil twin. We survived a four-month tour of southern Ontario high schools and have been friends ever since. She's a national treasure, and I am honoured to be among the guests tonight.

When I saw the headline below in the NYT, I thought the article was about Jian and the fact that now there is ceaseless debate about sexual harassment - on CBC, in the papers, on the street. But it's about the recent attacks of two crazy men and the Harper government's threats. A very good article.

Don't Overreact, Canada

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