Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Scary snake

Yesterday was heaven - warm and sunny, like late summer. Today, it's winter - just above zero with a bitter wind. It's over, folks. Supposed to snow on the weekend. The trees are showering bright yellow leaves about, giant piles in every yard and on the streets. Cold will reign.

Nearly froze riding my bike to the Y but did so anyway, stubbornly, because it's so much faster than any other conveyance through downtown. Carole's class was as usual brutal but fun. There was a new woman there today, young, lean, amazingly fit. At the end, we went up to congratulate her - and she told us she's just getting back in shape because she has a 7 month old baby.

Ye gods.

I'm glad I had my babies when there was no pressure about getting instantly back in shape, losing the baby weight in two weeks and having rock hard abs in three. As I recall, I sat around in a dressing gown for two years, eating everything in sight. It was great.

The child produced in 1981 sent me through Facebook today the most wonderful little video - her son looking at a picture book, chatting about the animals he sees - "Das a fierce lion! oh, scary snake!" I have watched it five times and tried to send it to friends, but it won't send. She is going to find a way to get it to me so I can make you watch it. It will be compulsory viewing, the cutest thing you will ever see in your life, guaranteed.

I know, I'm insufferable. Don't care.

Last night, friend Lynn and I had dinner and much wine, getting caught up after months, and then on to see a show at Hart House called Canada Fall In, a collage of pictures, music and text about Canada in WWI. Now I know what place names like Vimy Ridge and Passchendaele really mean. What a sacrifice Canada made in that terrible war - 61,000 young men. Horrendous.

To cheer myself up, I'll watch my favourite movie "Scary snake" again.

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