Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Republicans phooey!

On it goes. Now a guy says that Jian grabbed his crotch in university. It does not seem possible the man was able to indulge in sick behaviour for so long. The country is still convulsed and obsessed. In the words of the inimitable Tabatha Southey, on Twitter:
I think the Canadian Tire flyer had an opinion piece about Jian.

On a sadder note, the poor benighted country to the south ... It makes me mournful to contemplate it. Except the news says that in 2016, there will be a new Democratic candidate and the situation will be reversed. Jon was wonderful last night, bringing us what small comfort he could; his people did a hilarious skit on the electoral success of a candidate called Money and the utter defeat of a candidate called Ideas, who was nowhere to be seen.
 And on a happier note, here's my decorated son with his short, similarly decorated friend and fellow axe-thrower. I just look at the smile, not the scribbles. But his tattoos are almost all of animals that he loves - otters, giraffes, swallows, a hippo, an owl, and he is proud of them. Everyone in his business has them. His mother tries not to sigh. Because since this photo was taken, there's another one. Several more, in fact.


  1. I am far from being a Republican. Happily, I'm Canadian so fortunately the word Republican isn't in my vocabulary nor ideology. But in a broader sense, you should know, Beth, that the current tragedies in Syria, the Ukraine, Iraq with ISIS and elsewhere ARE A DIRECT RESULT OF AMERICAN FOREIGN POLICY APATHY under the leadership of Barack Obama. Obama is known as a foreign policy failure. In fact, one wonders what his foreign policy is. Here in Europe he's called a "ditherer" and "over-cautious".

    "The Obama policies are also ill-conceived and naïve. However, this not only falls on the President, but also on the American electorate who voted in a Community Organizer with no foreign policy experience to the most important diplomatic position in the world."

    Juliet in Paris

  2. Juliet, we won't know for years the final conclusions on Obama. He has been a disappointment in many ways, no question. But in comparison with his feckless, irresponsible opponents, who have done nothing for years but block legislation and wreak havoc heedlessly, without conscience, just because it was put forward by him and his party... in comparison with the hideous Republicans, he's a prince, and I salute him. Such short memories we have. Think of Bush and his great foreign policy successes. Maybe not doing much isn't so bad.