Friday, November 7, 2014

Paul Krugman, Jeffrey Simpson nail it

A superb article from Paul Krugman in the NYT about the Republican victory.

And a terrific article by Jeffrey Simpson at the Globe, same story.

From The Globe and Mail: 
Republicans win, but America suffers

What Jon Stewart keeps saying over and over in his funny but pained way, is: Why did the Democrats just roll over and die? Why didn't they hammer home that the Repubs had blocked every possible legislation? That of course Obama couldn't deliver in such a poisonous climate, and in fact at least managed the miracle of health care? Why did they let those disgusting petty people control the agenda?

It's cold, maybe that's why I'm feeling aggrieved - very cold for the beginning of November with most of the leaves still on the trees, the city a symphony of swirling yellow and red. I spent the morning in 1978, reading my journal from that time in preparation for starting the next big project. What luck that I was so neurotically introspective, writing everything down, inspecting every sensation - she's so vividly present in the notebooks, my 27-year old self. I wish I could reach through the years and teach her a few things, voluble hyper-sensitive struggling soul that she was. But she had decades to go before turning into the serenely wise and wrinkled crone writing to you today.


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