Thursday, November 20, 2014

your laugh of the day - David Sedaris and Mike Nichols

It is very cold and very dark and I KNOW you need a good laugh right now. So here it is, below. How glad I am that here is an ESSAYIST reading his work on the David Letterman Show! But of course, one of a kind. Love this man. Wayson and I were discussing Erma Bombeck the other day, how incredibly popular she was as an honest and very funny essayist. We need these voices.

David Sedaris on The Late Show

And there's a link below to an interview with David.

And speaking of marvels of wit and talent, yet another beautiful funny man: R.I.P. Mike Nichols. Thank you for all you brought to our planet. To complete your laugh riot interlude, here he is with Elaine May:

Nichols & May classic "Mother and Son" skit

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