Friday, November 21, 2014

the Christmas vortex

This is what people in Toronto are saying, as they endure this extreme blast of winter FOUR WEEKS before winter is officially due to start: AT LEAST WE'RE NOT IN BUFFALO.

Indeed. A man just found dead in his car which was buried in a snowdrift. We're cold, but not that cold.

I got warm this morning by visiting Mr. Chatty, the busiest boy ever. I ended up throwing a ball for him to chase, just like a puppy. We read a book which had a picture of a purple cat. "Me kiss him," he said, and I held the book close so he could give the cat a kiss. Could I love this boy more? And then we walked up Roncesvalles to the wonderful toy store Scootergirl, to buy him something he wanted desperately - a firefighter hat. Oh, wonder. While there, his mother and I checked out the Playmobil stuff for Christmas presents. Another great treat of grandparentdom - visiting toy stores again. I wanted half the stuff for myself.

But despite this major display of cuteness, I am not getting sucked into the Xmas vortex this year. No no no. A few basic things and money for the grown-ups, that's IT.

No, that really is IT. Really. Well, maybe a few little things, but not much. No no no. Well...

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